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About us

Salsaparilla is an organizational consultancy firm. We excel at conceptualizing and creating game based change programs aimed at changing people’s behavior. In the Netherlands, we count a great number of large companies, municipalities and other governmental departments among our list of clients.

Our game based change programs exemplify the combination between playfulness and a result driven approach. We know how to reach our participants. We know how to bring change. Our games have grown to become “proven technology”.

Our goals

After 15 years of making games and bringing about change in organizations, we’re ready for a next step: we would like to pass on our methodology.

In the Netherlands we’re setting up a training program for game actors.

Additionally, we’re putting together an educational program for trainers to become game supervisors.

We would like to implement our game methodology outside of the Netherlands. We would like to focus on socially responsible and sustainable work, implementing our games to tackle social issues in other countries besides the Netherlands.

For example, South Africa has a great need for conflict management. Population group disputes need to be resolved, so the country may continue to develop. Our games would offer ideal solutions to help solve these problems. In the Netherlands we’ve gained extensive experience using games/game based change programs to influence behavioral change among less well educated groups. As an intervention, gaming often works better than just a lesson or brochure.

We are aware of a program in Brazil, for which a digital game was designed to support development in city districts. Great idea; we could do better.

Name a social issue: we can bring about change.

We are aware of the stringent regulations binding international aid resources.

We understand that we – as a Dutch organization – can’t fly to another country 25 times to go play games; that’s not how we envision our plans. Our vision involves us designing and developing the games and then training local actors and supervisors to implement our games tailored to specific local themes.

Click on the images below for three different examples of our international game based change programs.




Click on the images to see how we cooperated with international NGO’s to affect change in these countries.

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