Logos Kosovo

Cooperation game for international aid workers for Logos Kosovo improves cooperation and communication



Logos Kosovo is a Swiss organization that helps municipalities in Kosovo to improve local governance. Logos asked Salsaparilla to design a training program for them that would improve mutual communication and cooperation within the organization, so the project team might learn to better cooperate in the following 2-4 years.


Salsaparilla travelled to Kosovo and conducted interviews with all team members. They then designed a cooperation game, which was played by the team on location. Salsaparilla designed the game and supervised the game and debriefing. Altogether, this took two days. Following the game’s conclusion, Salsaparilla provided a number of focused coaching moments to the project manager concerning management of the local team.


The training/game was scored with an average 8/10. Over the period following the game’s conclusion, mutual relations have shown strong improvement and team efficacy has increased significantly.

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